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One of the special aspects of our life together is that we do it seasonally, celebrating the flow of the natural seasons—spring, summer, winter, and fall—but also the flow of the Christian year from Advent to Epiphany to Lent and Easter and Pentecost. Whatever the season, we’d love you to gather with us to celebrate, commemorate, and just do life together.

Christmas EveFor more about what happens at
St. Stephen’s during Advent and
the Christmas season, click here.
More satisfied customers.Click here for a snapshot of what we do during the Epiphany season (from Christmas until Lent).
OClick here for an overview of the Lenten season
and Holy Week . . .
. . aneaster window smalld here for the joyous Easter season!
pumpkin fest 2012 snack mixFinally, click here for information about
what goes on during Pentecost,
the longest season of the
Christian year.