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The On Being Project

by Drew Downs
On Being Project

At the end of October, join us in an experiment in public conversation. We’ll gather as friends, neighbors, and strangers to listen, explore, question, and share our experience of life and living. Our hope is to provide a safe environment for sharing and an openness to explore what it means to be a being in […]

A Word: Saving Faith

by Drew Downs
Saving Faith

Jesus’s message of restoration buts up against his critique of the status quo. Now, he invites us to see that faith can save us; and we can save faith. as the space between us narrows so do our excuses Proper 23C Luke 17:11-19 Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels Jesus is walking between two lands: Samaria and Galilee. […]

A Word: Lead with Love

by Drew Downs
Lead with Love

We want Jesus to teach us how to love like it takes a methodology or more faith than we have. Instead, Jesus shows how that misses the point. Jesus and the teaching of uncommon forgiveness Proper 22C Luke 17:1-10 by the Rev. Drew Downs Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels We jump into the story with the apostles […]