St. Stephen’s is hosting its first art show beginning September 15. It will feature Indiana State University students and alumni.

Art Show

Driving down 7th, north of Wabash in Terre Haute, lampost flags declare this is the arts corridor. Triangulating the natural points of artistic interest are simple: from the Swope, down to the New Theater on campus. St. Stephen’s is naturally situated right in the midst of this.

How natural it is:

  • Our liturgy itself is art, the expression of which we do several times each week. Like our church neighbors on either side, Central and Centenary.
  • Or looking at our building and its windows or the garden sculpted in an English style, one can catch the eye of once creative expression.
  • Peering in at the students using the garden for still life sketching, drawing, even painting what they see — their new perspective is one we so often take for granted.
  • Even the creativity of our own artists, living and deceased, continues to inspire in timely meditations on lives we have lost and in hope for deep renewal.

All this artistic expression is natural to us, like the air we breathe. And yet it’s also like that building and garden, those windows and this liturgy: something taken for granted.

There are so many artists in our midst. Some are professionals, selling their work or teaching students. Many more are students of the arts, dabblers or creative-types. Maybe not even thinking of themselves as creative. Sometimes its about making crafts rather than treasures.

Our annual Pumpkinfest brings this spirit out of us. This time of celebrating the fall season comes again this Saturday, September 15th from 8-12. Beautiful handmade or repurposed items, bounty from the earth or delicious delicacies made from them. A creative time for those who don’t quite consider themselves creative.

An art show is a natural thing for St. Stephen’s. Here in the arts corridor. Among our neighbors.

Across from ISU, surrounded really, it is natural that we’d gather friends and colleagues, members and friends to produce a first art show. One for students and alumni to share and offer to our community. Something uniquely given. Beauty, struggle, hope, a fresh voice.

Fresh Voices Art Show will open on Saturday, September 15th with an opening reception from 5 pm to 7 pm. All are welcome.

The show will run until October 13. The public hours will be Wednesdays from 12-3 pm and Sundays 12-1 pm or by appointment.


I am thankful for this opportunity we have to share some beautiful and provocative work with others. And hope you can join us.


Grace and Peace,